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Adult Therapeutic Services

At times life is hard and we all use different ways to cope. For some of us alcohol seems like the answer:

  • it takes the edge off feeling low
  • can reduce anxiety
  • seem to help sleep


But after a short while alcohol can:

  • disrupt sleep
  • lower mood
  • make you feel stressed
  • make anxieties worse
  • have a negative impact on close relationships


In the medium to long term alcohol can become a problem in itself.


Counselling and support - why might it help?

Sometimes two heads are better than one.

You might need help looking at the problem that lead to you drinking too much. Understanding how it developed and exploring ways forward.

Sometimes the original problem has gone away and all that remains is the drinking.

At DrinkSense we have trained counsellors with many years' experience in helping people with alcohol and other associated problems.


What We Offer

We offer confidential, one-to-one appointments with fully qualified counsellors with many years' experience in the alcohol field.

Liaison with your GP or other professionals can be undertaken if needed.



As a charity we aim to provide support to all those eligible for our adult counselling service.

All clients are asked to make some contribution towards the cost of the sessions which are:

  • £35 for initial assessment
  • £30 for subsequent 1 hour appointments 


We part fund these sessions.

We invite those on limited incomes to let us know so that a reduced fee can be agreed.

Block payments for six sessions is also available.


If you would like more information, to discuss how best we can support you or to make a self-referral:

Phone us on 01733 555532

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For GPs and other professionals please download our referral form: Referral Form_Adult Therapeutic Services


Further information can be found on our leaflets:

Adult Service Leaflet

Professionals Leaflet - Adult Service







General Enquiries
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